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Rowing In Australia 5+5 Strategic Plan

2022 – 2032 Stronger Together

“Every sport needs to take advantage of this generational opportunity, to capture the hearts and minds of Australians. We are ready for this moment.”

– Josephine Sukkar AM, Australian Sports Commission Chair

The awarding of the 2032 Olympic Games to Brisbane provides Australian sport with an incredible opportunity to capitalise on the 10-year Green and Gold runway into the Games and the 10-year legacy post-Games. The legacy of the Sydney 2000 Games is still fresh in the hearts and minds of many Australians, despite the two decades that have since passed. As it was for Sydney, Brisbane 2032 will help drive sport participation and engagement, volunteering, and sustained success across the Australian sporting sector for decades to come.

Through this lens and in consultation with our stakeholders across the sport, we are presented with an unprecedented opportunity to refocus our strategic priorities and objectives with a long-term and future focused approach to the growth and development of Rowing in Australia. There are many challenges that our sport will face in a post-Covid world, but this also creates new and exciting opportunities to embrace our rich history as a strong foundation to engage with existing, new and diverse participants through both traditional and non-traditional pathways and disciplines and as we enter the digital age.

The Rowing in Australia Strategic Plan will guide our sport through the 10-year runway into 2032, as a 5 + 5 plan that will focus on the key strategic priorities for the whole-of-sport. This reframed scope builds off the widespread consultation and work completed in the 2017 Culture Journey, as well as exhaustive consultation with key stakeholders and members of the community, and the current State Rowing Association strategic plans.

The Rowing in Australia 5+5 Strategic Plan should be read in conjunction with the Australian Rowing Delivery Framework, which comprehensively articulates the roles and responsibilities of the key partners who deliver the sport of Rowing in Australia. This document will be made available on the Rowing Australia website in June 2022.

These two documents cover whole-of-sport and provide a plan that outlines as the sport of Rowing what we will focus on and invest in, and articulates clear responsibilities and activities accountably delivered to achieve our agreed ambitions over the next decade.

Rowing in Australia 5+5 Strategic Plan