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Whole of Sport Strategic Plan

The Rowing Australia Board and Council have collectively developed the ‘Rowing Whole of Sport Strategic Plan 2015 to 2020’ for Rowing in Australia which will be vital in ensuring the continued high performance success of Australian rowing as well as providing a blueprint for the further development of the sport as a whole.

The Whole of Sport plan features a collective vision and mission, supported by specific strategies for RA, its Member Associations and registered clubs, all of which contribute to the achievement of delivering our overall vision of ‘excellence through rowing’.

Rowing Australia is an organisation that nurtures and develops talent, giving opportunities to those who are in search of excellence.

Like the members we back — we are always seeking to be the best we can be. We are here to protect, grow and innovate rowing so it continues to engage; with all types of athletes, schools, coaches, staff members and supporters.

Excellence looks different to everybody.

To us, excellence is our Olympians and Paralympians who have pushed every fibre of their being to compete on the world stage. Who break their lives into four-year cycles to chase a dream. Who stand on podiums because they toughed it out, every day.

But it’s also beginners who feather their oar perfectly for the first time. And those who do it  It’s those who compete fiercely on the weekends, and those who jump in a boat just to feel a little fitter and a little stronger. It’s anyone who drops their erg time to a personal best.

It’s those who set their alarm before sunrise again and again – coaches and parents, staff and volunteers. Who get things done quietly in the background and who cheer the loudest from the water’s edge. And it’s the people who take what they learn from rowing – teamwork, hard work, commitment – and use it be great community members. Great role models. Great leaders.

Excellence looks different to everybody. But at Rowing Australia we believe that no matter how you get involved, our sport develops excellent people.

Achieving our collective vision will require Australian rowing to lead the world across all of its activities, from sustained international success, to its vibrant and inclusive community, its high quality events, right through to the safe, fun and healthy participation opportunities it provides for all Australians.

In order to ensure that the plan is achievable Rowing Australia and its Members have developed an annual Plan on a Page which identifies the key deliverables for each calendar year. Each of these deliverables will require whole of sport collaboration, and achievement of the deliverables each year represents significant advancement across each of its key areas. Delivery of the Plan on a Page each year will contribute to Australian rowing achieving its collective vision.

This whole of sport plan, the first for rowing, is vital in ensuring the ongoing development and growth of our sport. The fact that it has been collectively developed and that all parties to the plan have agreed to the direction of rowing and accepted roles and accountabilities in delivering the strategies is encouraging. This whole of sport plan provides the platform for Rowing Australia and its Member Associations to realise some major achievements for Australian rowing, capitalising on the collaborative approach in which the plan has been developed.

A copy of the Rowing Whole of Sport Plan is available by clicking on the link – Whole of Sport Plan 

A copy of the Plan on a Page, including the key deliverables is available here.