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Medical Policies:

Rowing Australia Anti-Doping Policy
Sports Foods, Medical and Nutritional Supplementation Policy
Sleep and Sedative Policy
RA No Needles Policy
RA Illicit Drugs in Sport Policy
Event Policies – coming soon
Medical Management Policy

Preferred Provider Network

RA has a network of Physiotherapists & Doctors providing services to our elite rowers in the ARTeam and SIS / SAS environments. These Practitioners also work in private practice and provide Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy services to all aspiring elite, school and club level rowers. RA has also established a network of providers who have an interest in rowing and do not currently treat rowers at the elite level. The full list of providers can be accessed here May 2022 Preferred Providers List.

Medical Exemptions

We recognise that from time to time athletes may be unable to complete a selection activity due to injury or illness. If you find yourself in this position in the lead up to any selection activity or event, there is an official Medical Exemption (ME) process to follow in order for you to maintain your selection eligibility. The steps detailed below must be followed PRIOR to the date of the test/race/activity:

  • You or your coach email [email protected] to advise if you are unable to complete the activity. You must include ONE of the following:
    • A signed and completed RA Medical Exemption form 2021 – 2022 found here
    • A letter from a medical practitioner (GP, Sports Doctor, Physio), specifying your injury, illness or reason for non-completion. Included in the email must be an estimate of return to training, and when the activity may be able to be completed, backed by medical advice.
    • If the Medical Exemption function in AMS has been used to log the injury/illness and event, a simple comment to indicate this.
  • If there is insufficient evidence, no notes in AMS or a problem with the information, you will be contacted by either the Principal Medical Officer or the Pathways Medical Lead.

For clarity, it must be stated that an ME does not absolve you of the need to complete a selection activity – it simply means you were unable to complete it on the specific date. To remain eligible, selection activities must still be completed once you have recovered and are medically cleared to so.




To download high resolution versions of the posters to print and put up at your club or school, please click here.

RA’s Preferred Providers as of November 2022 can viewed by clicking here.