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The Clubbies 2015


Inside Sport and the Confederation of Australian Sport are proud to announce The Clubbie Awards, recognising the fabulous contributions made to grassroots sport by enthusiasts around the country.

We want to find the truly unsung heroes of Australian sport – and then reward their clubs with great prizes to improve their services and facilities.

It’s grassroots sport that is the heartbeat of all Australian communities. And grassroots sport is populated and supported by a legion of characters of all ages, remedy shapes and sizes, abilities and disabilities. By definition, these “legends in their own backyards” go unrecognised.

Let’s put that right! Check out the categories below and nominate someone or some team you know who inspires others.

The Clubbies will be presented in SIX categories.

    Nominate the coach you know who in some wonderful way has gone above and beyond the call to make their role their passion. We won’t necessarily be judging how many trophies their team collected in a season. Tell us instead how far their team has come. Describe their coach’s special qualities and explain why they deserve to be a “winner”.
    Nominate an individual for their exceptional performance during their most recent season. Nominees may not necessarily have won anything in a competitive sense. But through their outstanding efforts, or action, or “sporting” heroics, they have won the admiration of their team-mates, opponents, officials, friends and family. Tell us their story – see them recognised for their achievements.
    Every club has at least one. Nominate that volunteer who takes on the lion’s share of duties, dedicating themselves to their club. We all know the type: they’re running the canteen, keeping time, marking the lines, emptying the bins. We are looking for Australia’s standout enthusiast. We want to say thank you!
    What makes a great sporting team? Yes, there is usually some kind of trophy involved. But community sport is about more than winning and losing. And being part of a great team is one of the most special experiences anyone can enjoy. What makes your team the best? Nominations will cite that team’s history, their playing record, their fine sporting spirit and their collective personality.
    Sport is (or should be!) part of any fine education, at any academic level, from primary school through to tertiary education and beyond. We want to find the home of the best sporting education in the country and reward that school, college or university for the outstanding quality of their sporting program.
    What is it about your club that makes you so proud to wear their colours? What makes your mob special? Is it the facilities? The camaraderie? Your dominance on the field? Your team mates? Is yours the best sporting club in Australia? If so, we want to put YOUR club’s name in lights and call you Australia’s Sporting Club Of The Year.

The winner of the 2015 Club of the Year will win a Hyundai iMax People Mover. Named Australia’s best people mover for five consecutive years, the stylish iMax is a great looking, intelligently designed shuttle that combines business efficiency with lifestyle practicality.

Winners in each category will receive a prize pack to the value of $1,000.
To nominate, visit Make sure you have the contact and club details of the person or club you’re nominating and a few words outlining why they deserve to be nominated. CLOSING DATE IS MONDAY 14 SEPTEMBER.