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Rowing Science – National Training Centres

Rowing Science for the National Training Centres (NTC) is undertaken by two highly qualified rowing scientists.At the Reinhold Batschi Men’s NTC in Canberra Dr Nathan Versey works with the senior male rowers and coaching staff to undertake the physiology and movement science streams.

Erin McCleave is the scientist engaged with the Hancock Prospecting Women’s NTC in Penrith. Erin is in the final stages of completing her Ph.D but works full time with the female athletes and coaches implementing both the physiology and movement science disciplines into their daily training environment.

Erin and Nathan are led by Dr Tony Rice and as a Team work closely together (albeit in training centres 300km apart) to ensure consistency of delivery of the Rowing Science philosophy and core systems and equipment. Each NTC’s has its own specific needs based around the athletes, training venues and coaches but all these are underpinned by well characterised and understood training theory and practice.

Erin and Nathan are specifically tasked to lead as well as assist their athletes and coaches with all science aspects of the high performance rowing program with a key focus around the physiology, biomechanics and performance analysis aspects of their training environment.

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