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Rowing Science – Research and Development

Rowing Australia through CampainNumberOne (CNO) aims to be the number one rowing nation in the world and the R&D arm of their High-Performance system strives to achieve this aim through strategic partnerships and alliances with stakeholders.

Since the beginnings of the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and Rowing Australia have partnered to improve sport performance through cutting edge research and equipment development. Rowing Australia and the AIS have a long and distinguished history of high performance sport research and currently they have two Competitive Innovation grants (CIF) specifically tailored to deliver technology and data management systems to the Australian Rowing space. The current CIF projects include partnering with the Australian based technology company OarInspired to design and deliver working telemetry and biomechanical data systems to Rowing Australia.

Other current research projects and topics of interest include;

  1. Comparison of workload and energy costs of exercise on the watt bike and concept II ergometer
  2. Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) and its role in body composition and endurance raining
  3. Nutrition related risk factors for rib stress fracture
  4. Quantification of training load
  5. Optimal recovery practices for high performance endurance athletes