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Two A Finals Booked on Day Four of the World Rowing Under 23 and Under 19 Championships 

The Australian team started Day 4 with a winning start from one of our youngest combinations, the Under 19 Men’s Coxed Four, booking themselves into the A-Final. The crew who are led by our youngest competitor, cox Ryder Taylor, and comprise of rowers Brandon Smith, Oliver St. Pierre, Joseph Lynch and Joshua Wilson have grown and developed well over a short period of time – they won their race in a time of 6:19.09. 

Next to race was the Under 19 Men’s Coxless Four of Joshua Felderhof, Thomas Saunders, Adam Holland and Jake Nesbitt, who started well and led at the 1000 metre mark. Strong pushes from the field in the second half of the race pushed Australia to fourth and into the Repechage. 

 A similar story ensued with our Under 19 Men’s Eight (James Hart, James Houghton, Matthew Porter, Thomas Foley, Nicholas Bryant, Christopher Idle, Magnus Randall, Winston Hooper and cox Joshua Feferkranz) who managed to get a good start and were almost on level terms with the opposition at halfway but crossed the line in fifth position. They will now compete in the Repechage.  

The Women’s Under 19 Eight of Charlotte Ball, Lucy Richardson, Victoria Trentin, Olive Pascoe, Chloe Amling, Tiffany Crosthwaite, Katie Jackson, Ellie McClure and cox Jessica Rawolle, were all in positive spirits in the race lead up. The crew were drawn against USA and Germany in the heats – two nations traditionally very strong in this category. The girls gave it their all and finished in fifth position. They will also try to qualify for the A-Final through the Repechage. 

Our Under 19 Men’s Quadruple Scull crew of Jonah Nelson, Lindsay Hamilton, Billy Osborne, and Chad Willet were drawn against sculling powerhouses Czech Republic, Germany and Italy. Our boys put in a solid effort and finished in fourth place. They will try to qualify for the Semi-Finals through the Repechage. 

 The final Under 19 race was the Women’s Double Scull Repechage. The combination of Zoe Bond and Talisa Knoke-Driver just missed out on a spot in the Semi-Final finishing third and will now race the C-Final.  

 The first race in the Under 23 category was the Women’s Lightweight Single Semi-Final. Only the top three would qualify for the A-Final and Grace Sypher’s game plan was to start and finish strong. A well-executed race meant Grace finished third and will go straight into the A-Final.    

 Coach Lachlan Carter said post-race, “Grace is a racehorse and has a heart of gold. She has a poster on her wall with the goal of making the A-Final and rowing a time of 7:44 and today her time was 7:40. At the end of the race, Grace thought she finished fourth until she saw me pumping my fists in the air. It was a special moment.” 

 Our Men’s U23 Double Scull combination of Alexander Wood and Harry Crouch competed against some of the best young scullers in World Rowing in their Semi-Final. The Australian duo tried their best but were unable to match their rivals. They finished in fifth position and will row in the B-Final.  

 The final race of the day was the Under 23 Men’s Quadruple Scull C-Final. The quartet of Alexander Rossi, Xavier Hall-Sullivan, Lukas Matic and Marcus Della Marta led from start to finish and were never challenged. The win gave them an overall world ranking of 13th 

  High Performance Director, Paul Thompson MBE, said, “Today was a mixed bag. We have had some awesome results, but we have also had some heartbreaking ones as well. The highlight was the Under 19 Men’s Coxed Four who is fabulously coached by Judith Ungemach from St. Augustine’s College. I am also happy for Grace Sypher and her Coach Lachie Carter for qualifying for the A-Final. There were some heartbreaking finishes though, where some of our crews were pipped on the line and missed out by the smallest of margins.” 

 Thompson continued: “We move on to the first day of the Finals tomorrow and I am optimistic we can get amongst it.” 


The fifth day of the regatta (Friday 29thJuly) will see the start of the A-Finals in the Under 23 category. The Under 19 crews will begin the Repechage and Quarter-Final races.   



Results can be seen via the World Rowing website:  


Follow the Rowing Australia social media channels for the latest updates, as well as photos and video coverage of the Australian Under 23 and Under 19 Rowing Teams.  




Regatta Results (Day 4): 


Men’s Under 19 Coxed Four (U19M4+) – 1st in Heat, progress to A-Final.  

Joshua Wilson  

Joseph Lynch  

Oliver St Pierre  

Brandon Smith  

Cox: Ryder Taylor  


Men’s Under 19 Coxless Four (U19M4-) – 4th in Heat, progress to Repechage.  

Jake Nesbitt  

Adam Holland  

Tom Saunders 

Josh Felderhof  


Men’s Under 19 Eight (U19M8+) – 5th in Heat, progress to Repechage. 

Winston Hooper
Magnus Randall 
Lachlan Idle 
Nicholas Bryant
Tom Foley
Matthew Porter 
James Houghton
James Hart
Cox: Josh Feferkranz 


Women’s Under 19 Eight (U19W8+) – 5th in Heat, progress to Repechage. 

Ellie McClure 
Katie Jackson 
Lucy Richardson 
Chloe Amling
Olive Pascoe 
Victoria Trentin 
Tiffany Crosthwaite
Charlotte Ball e,
Cox: Jessica Rawolle  


Men’s Under 19 Quadruple Sculls (U19M4x) – 4th in Heat, progress to Repechage. 

Jonah Nelson 

Lindsay Hamilton 

Billy Osborne 

Chad Willet 


Women’s Under 19 Double Sculls (U19W2x) – 3rd in Repechage, progress to C-Final.  

Zoe Bond 

Talisa Knoke-Driver 


Women’s Under 23 Lightweight Single Scull (U23LW1x) – 3rd in Semi-Final, progress to A-Final.  

Grace Sypher  


Men’s Under 23 Double Sculls (U23M2x) – 5th in Semi-Final, progress to B-Final.  

Alexander Wood 

Harry Crouch 


Men’s Under 23 Quadruple Sculls (U23M4x) – 1st in C-Final (World Ranking: 13th).  

Alexander Rossi 

Xavier Hall-Sullivan 

Lukas Matic 

Marcus Della Marta 




U23 and U19 World Championships Crew and Coach List 


Under 23 Women 


Under 23 Women’s Single Scull (U23W1x)   

Laura Gourley (UTS Haberfield Rowing Club/NSW/NSWIS)  


Coach: Hally Chapman (UTS Haberfield Rowing Club, NSW)   


Under 23 Lightweight Women’s Single Scull (U23LW1x)   

Grace Sypher (Sydney Rowing Club/NSW/NSWIS)  


Coach: Lachlan Carter (Sydney Rowing Club, NSW)   


Under 23 Lightweight Women’s Pair (U23LW2)    

Kate Oliver (Tasmania University Boat Club/TAS)
Sophie Robinson (Tasmania University Boat Club/TAS)  


Coach: Shaun Finlayson (Tasmania University Boat Club, TAS)   


Under 23 Women’s Coxless Four (U23W4)    

Paige Barr (Mercantile Rowing Club/VIC/VIS)
Jacqueline Swick (Swan River Rowing Club/WA/WAIS)
Eliza Gaffney (Melbourne University Boat Club/VIC/VIS)
Genevieve Hart (Fremantle Rowing Club/WA/WAIS)  


Coach: Tom Westgarth (Hancock Prospecting Women’s National Training Centre)   


Under 23 Women’s Coxed Four (U23W4+)   

Isabella Scammell (Sydney Rowing Club/NSW/NSWIS)
Samantha Morton (University of Pennsylvania/QLD)
Emmie Frederico (Syracuse University/Mercantile Rowing Club/VIC)
Emma Wilson (Ohio State/Swan River Rowing Club/WA)
Cox: Nicholas Dunlop (University of Washington/Sydney Rowing Club/NSW)  


Coach: Annabelle Eaton    



Under 23 Men 


Under 23 Men’s Single Scull (U23M1x)   

Cormac KennedyLeverett (Griffith University Surfers Paradise Rowing Club/QLD)  


Coach: Lincoln Handley (Griffith University Surfers Paradise Rowing Club, QLD)   


Under 23 Men’s Double Scull (U23M2x)   

Alexander Wood (UTS Haberfield Rowing Club/NSW)
Harry Crouch (Sydney Rowing Club/NSW/NSWIS) 

Coach: Alex Field (UTS Haberfield Rowing Club, NSW)   


Under 23 Men’s Coxed Four (U23M4+)   

Nikolas Pender (UTS Haberfield Rowing Club/NSW)
Miller Eagle-Rowe (KAND Rowing Club/QLD/QAS)
Fraser Miscamble (Melbourne University Boat Club/VIC/VIS)
Harrison Fox (Melbourne University Boat Club/VIC/VIS)
Cox: Hannah Cowap (Sydney Rowing Club/NSW) 

Coach: Matthias Ungemach (UTS Haberfield Rowing Club, NSW)   


Under 23 Men’s Coxless Four (U23M4)   

William Achermann (Melbourne University Boat Club/VIC/VIS)
Nicholas Smith (Melbourne University Boat Club/VIC/VIS)
Torben Ungemach (UTS Haberfield Rowing Club/NSW)
Charlie Batrouney (Melbourne University Boat Club/VIC) 

Coach: Matthew Ryan (Melbourne University Boat Club, VIC)   


Under 23 Men’s Quad Scull (U23M4x)   

Marcus Della Marta (UTS Haberfield Rowing Club/NSW/NSWIS)
Lukas Matic (Melbourne University Boat Club/VIC)
Xavier HallSullivan (Corio Bay Rowing Club/VIC)
Alexander Rossi (West Australian Rowing Club/WA/WAIS)  


Coach: Alex Field (UTS Haberfield Rowing Club, NSW)   


Under 23 Men’s Eight (U23M8+)   

Jamie Arnold (University of California, Berkeley/Melbourne University Boat Club/VIC)
Angus Dawson (University of California, Berkeley/Adelaide Rowing Club/SA)
Marcus Emmett (Yale University/Melbourne University Boat Club/VIC)
Fergus Hamilton (Yale University/Mercantile Rowing Club/VIC)
Joshua Hill (Yale University/Melbourne University Boat Club/VIC)
Patrick Long (Princeton University/University of Queensland Boat Club/QLD)
Alexander McClean (Yale University/Mosman Rowing Club/NSW)
Darcy McCluskey (University of Washington/KAND Rowing Club/QLD)
Cox: Harry Keenan (Yale University/Sydney Rowing Club/NSW)  


Coach: John Bowes (Rowing Australia)   


Under 19 Women 


U19 Women’s Double Scull (U19W2x)   

Talisa KnokeDriver (Sydney Rowing Club/NSW)
Zoe Bond (Canberra Grammar School/ACT/ACTAS) 

Coach: Brendan Longman (Sydney Rowing Club, NSW)   


U19 Women’s Eight (U19W8+)   

Ellie McClure (Ballarat Clarendon College/Wendouree Ballarat Rowing Club/VIC)
Katie Jackson (Ballarat Clarendon College/Wendouree Ballarat Rowing Club/VIC)
Lucy Richardson (Ballarat Clarendon College/Ballarat City Rowing Club/VIC)
Chloe Amling (Strathcona Girls Grammar School/VIC)
Olive Pascoe (Caulfield Grammar School/VIC)
Victoria Trentin (Melbourne Girls’ College/Mercantile Rowing Club/VIC)
Tiffany Crosthwaite (Methodist Ladies’ College/VIC)
Charlotte Ball (Ruyton Girls School/VIC)
Cox: Jessica Rawolle (Loreto Toorak/VIC)  

Coach: Mitch Nelson (Melbourne University Boat Club, VIC)  


Under 19 Men 


U19 Men’s Quad Scull (U19M4x)   

Chad Willett (St Joseph’s Nudgee College/QLD)
Billy Osborne (Gippsland Grammar/Mercantile Rowing Club/VIC)
Lindsay Hamilton (Gippsland Grammar/Mercantile Rowing Club/VIC)
Jonah Nelson (St Joseph’s Nudgee College/QLD)  


Coach: Nick Bartlett (Gippsland Grammar Rowing Club, VIC)   


U19 Men’s Coxed Four (U19M4+)   

Joshua Wilson (St Augustines College/UTS Haberfield Rowing Club/NSW)
Joseph Lynch (St Augustines College/UTS Haberfield Rowing Club/NSW)
Oliver St Pierre (St Augustines College/UTS Haberfield Rowing Club/NSW)
Brandon Smith (St Augustines College/UTS Haberfield Rowing Club/NSW)
Cox: Ryder Taylor (St Augustines College/UTS Haberfield Rowing Club/NSW)  


Coach: Judith Ungemach (St Augustines College/UTS Haberfield Rowing Club/NSW)   


U19 Men’s Coxless Four (U19M4)   

Jake Nesbitt (St Peter’s College/SA)
Adam Holland (Scotch College Adelaide/Adelaide Rowing Club/SA)
Tom Saunders (Prince Alfred College/Adelaide University Boat Club/SA)
Josh Felderhof (Prince Alfred College/Adelaide University Boat Club/SA)  


Coach: Will Raven (Sydney University Boat Club/ St Peter’s College, SA)   



U19 Men’s Eight (U19M8+)   

Winston Hooper (Melbourne Grammar School/VIC)
Magnus Randall (Melbourne Grammar School/VIC)
Lachlan Idle (Wesley College/Melbourne University Boat Club/VIC)
Nicholas Bryant (Wesley College/Melbourne University Boat Club/VIC)
Tom Foley (St Patrick’s College/Mercantile Rowing Club/VIC)
Matthew Porter (Melbourne Grammar School/VIC)
James Houghton (Melbourne Grammar School/VIC)
James Hart (St Kevin’s College/VIC)
Cox: Josh Feferkranz (Wesley College/VIC)  


Coach: Tom Abramowski (Melbourne Grammar School, VIC)