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Two Bronze Medals on the Penultimate Day of the World Rowing Under 23 and Under 19 Championships 

For the five Under 23 Australian crews that were competing in A Finals on Saturday, their goals were clear – leave nothing to chance and try and execute the best race.  

 The U23 Men’s Eight of Jamie Arnold, Marcus Emmett, Joshua Hill, Angus Dawson, Alexander McClean, Patrick Long, Darcy McCluskey, Fergus Hamilton and cox Harry Keenan only had one instruction from their coach John Bowes – “Pound the rock (Go for the win).”   

 The crew’s stroke – Fergus Hamilton – has been managing injury all week but refused to be left out. Our boys led for the first 400 metres of the race, but once Great Britain took the lead after 600 metres, they and the USA battled it out for the silver medal. Australia gave it everything and finished with the bronze.   

 Post-race, coach John Bowes said, “The boys showed enormous courage to fight all the way to the finish line and win a bronze medal. I could not have been more proud of them.” 

 Our U23 Women’s Coxless Four went through a seat change before their final, placing Paige Barr in the stroke seat. Together with Jacqueline Swick, Genevieve Hart and Eliza Gaffney, Barr ensured the quartet got off to a good start and really took the race to their American and British rivals. They finished in third place, winning the bronze medal. 

 After the final, the girls shared, “It was a fearless race and it is safe to say we threw everything we had out there. We really came together this week and managed to adapt to the choppy conditions. Based on the adjustments, we managed to put in a good second 1000 metres and hold off the Romanians (who beat us in the Rep).   

 The girls further commented, “This week has been an incredible experience filled with so many learnings that we will all take back with us to the (Senior) World Championships trials and future races.” 

 The U23 Men’s Coxless Four of William Achermann, Nicholas Smith, Torben Ungemach and Charlie Batrouney tried their best but were unable to match their rivals and finished the regatta in sixth position overall. 

 Before her U23 Women’s Lightweight Scull Final, Grace Sypher was making her presence felt, as the World Rowing commentator noted before her race, “there is no race without Grace.” Grace had already achieved her goal of making the A Final. She gave her everything and finished in sixth place.  

 Harry Crouch and Alexander Wood’s goal was to win their B Final, and finish as the seventh ranked crew in their boat class. The Italian home crew sought to be the spoilers and really took the race to our boys. At the 1500 metre mark, Australia led the Italians by only one second to set-up an exciting finish. In the last 400 metres, Australia managed to counter the Italians pushes and held on to win the race.  

 Laura Gourley was hoping for a similar finish in her Under 23 Women’s Single Scull B Final.  She started the race well but was unable to keep up with her opponent from Spain. Laura came second and finished the regatta ranked as the eighth best Under 23 female single sculler.  

 Cormac Kennedy-Leverett (U23 Men’s Single Scull) had a promising start, aiming for a podium finish. USA and Germany led in the first half of the race, and Cormac was battling Belarus for the bronze medal. In the last 500 metres he gave the race everything he had but was unable to catch his opponents. Cormac finished in fourth place.      

 In the Under 19 category, the Men’s Coxless Four and Women’s Double Scull were racing in a semi-final for a place in the C Final. The Four of Adam Holland, Jake Nesbitt, Tom Saunders, and Josh Felderhof led from start to finish to defeat New Zealand and Switzerland comfortably. The Women’s Double of Zoe Bond and Talisa Knoke-Driver had an early contest on their hands, trailing South Africa after the first 500 metres. However, they managed to take control of the race at the 1000 metre mark to win by almost three seconds and so will contest the C Final. 

Deputy Performance Director, Jaime Fernandez OLY, said, “It was an exciting end to the Under 23 component of this regatta. We managed to add two bronze medals to our tally and both the Women’s Coxless Four and Men’s Eight crews showed a lot of courage in their respective races to overcome injuries and illness to make it onto the podium. Our single scullers also showed a lot of heart and determination to race as well as they did and improve each race.” 

 Fernandez further added and commented, “The athletes will now head home for some rest; however, we obviously want them to build on their performances, experience and growth, continue to learn from the opportunity and progress, ideally setting themselves up for the future. With many on the team still eligible for U23s again, we hope this is just the start and that they are casting an eye to their long-term future in the sport as well.” 

 The final day of the regatta (Sunday 31st July) will see our Under 19 crews compete in their respective finals. 


 Results can be seen via the World Rowing website:  


Follow the Rowing Australia social media channels for the latest updates, as well as photos and video coverage of the Australian Under 23 and Under 19 Rowing Teams.  



Regatta Results (Day 6): 


Men’s Under 23 Eight (U23M8+) – BRONZE MEDAL. 

Jamie Arnold 
Marcus Emmett  

Joshua Hill  

Angus Dawson  

Alexander McClean  

Patrick Long  

Darcy McCluskey  

Fergus Hamilton  
Cox: Harry Keenan

Women’s Under 23 Coxless Four (U23W4-) – BRONZE MEDAL. 

Paige Barr  

Jacqueline Swick
Eliza Gaffney
Genevieve Hart 


Men’s Under 23 Single Scull (U23M1x) – 4th in A Final.  

Cormac Kennedy-Leverett  


Men’s Under 23 Coxless Four (U23M4-) – 6th in A Final.  

William Achermann  

Nicholas Smith  

Torben Ungemach  

Charlie Batrouney  


Women’s Under 23 Lightweight Single Scull (U23LW1x) – 6th in A Final. 

Grace Sypher  


Women’s Under 23 Single Scull (U23W1x) – 2nd in B Final (Eighth place ranking). 

Laura Gourley  


Men’s Under 23 Double Sculls (U23M2x) – 1st in B Final (Seventh place ranking). 

Harry Crouch  

Alexander Wood  


Women’s Under 19 Double Sculls (U19W2x) – 1st in Semi-Final C/D, progress to C Final.  

Talisa Knoke-Driver  

Zoe Bond  


Men’s Under 19 Coxless Four (U19M4-) – 1st in Semi-Final C/D, progress to C Final.  

Jake Nesbitt  

Adam Holland  

Tom Saunders 

Josh Felderhof  


U23 and U19 World Championships Crew and Coach List 


Under 23 Women 


Under 23 Women’s Single Scull (U23W1x)   

Laura Gourley (UTS Haberfield Rowing Club/NSW/NSWIS)  

Coach: Hally Chapman (UTS Haberfield Rowing Club, NSW)   


Under 23 Lightweight Women’s Single Scull (U23LW1x)   

Grace Sypher (Sydney Rowing Club/NSW/NSWIS)  

Coach: Lachlan Carter (Sydney Rowing Club, NSW)   


Under 23 Lightweight Women’s Pair (U23LW2)    

Kate Oliver (Tasmania University Boat Club/TAS)
Sophie Robinson (Tasmania University Boat Club/TAS)  

Coach: Shaun Finlayson (Tasmania University Boat Club, TAS)   


Under 23 Women’s Coxless Four (U23W4)    

Paige Barr (Mercantile Rowing Club/VIC/VIS)
Jacqueline Swick (Swan River Rowing Club/WA/WAIS)
Eliza Gaffney (Melbourne University Boat Club/VIC/VIS)
Genevieve Hart (Fremantle Rowing Club/WA/WAIS)  

Coach: Tom Westgarth (Hancock Prospecting Women’s National Training Centre)   


Under 23 Women’s Coxed Four (U23W4+)   

Isabella Scammell (Sydney Rowing Club/NSW/NSWIS)
Samantha Morton (University of Pennsylvania/QLD)
Emmie Frederico (Syracuse University/Mercantile Rowing Club/VIC)
Emma Wilson (Ohio State/Swan River Rowing Club/WA) 

Cox: Nicholas Dunlop (University of Washington/Sydney Rowing Club/NSW)  

Coach: Annabelle Eaton    



Under 23 Men 


Under 23 Men’s Single Scull (U23M1x)   

Cormac KennedyLeverett (Griffith University Surfers Paradise Rowing Club/QLD)  

Coach: Lincoln Handley (Griffith University Surfers Paradise Rowing Club, QLD)   


Under 23 Men’s Double Scull (U23M2x)   

Alexander Wood (UTS Haberfield Rowing Club/NSW)
Harry Crouch (Sydney Rowing Club/NSW/NSWIS)
Coach: Alex Field (UTS Haberfield Rowing Club, NSW)   


Under 23 Men’s Coxed Four (U23M4+)   

Nikolas Pender (UTS Haberfield Rowing Club/NSW)
Miller Eagle-Rowe (KAND Rowing Club/QLD/QAS)
Fraser Miscamble (Melbourne University Boat Club/VIC/VIS)
Harrison Fox (Melbourne University Boat Club/VIC/VIS)
Cox: Hannah Cowap (Sydney Rowing Club/NSW)
Coach: Matthias Ungemach (UTS Haberfield Rowing Club, NSW)   


Under 23 Men’s Coxless Four (U23M4)   

William Achermann (Melbourne University Boat Club/VIC/VIS)
Nicholas Smith (Melbourne University Boat Club/VIC/VIS)
Torben Ungemach (UTS Haberfield Rowing Club/NSW)
Charlie Batrouney (Melbourne University Boat Club/VIC)
Coach: Matthew Ryan (Melbourne University Boat Club, VIC)   


Under 23 Men’s Quad Scull (U23M4x)   

Marcus Della Marta (UTS Haberfield Rowing Club/NSW/NSWIS)
Lukas Matic (Melbourne University Boat Club/VIC)
Xavier HallSullivan (Corio Bay Rowing Club/VIC)
Alexander Rossi (West Australian Rowing Club/WA/WAIS)  

Coach: Alex Field (UTS Haberfield Rowing Club, NSW)   



Under 23 Men’s Eight (U23M8+)   

Jamie Arnold (University of California, Berkeley/Melbourne University Boat Club/VIC)
Angus Dawson (University of California, Berkeley/Adelaide Rowing Club/SA)
Marcus Emmett (Yale University/Melbourne University Boat Club/VIC)
Fergus Hamilton (Yale University/Mercantile Rowing Club/VIC)
Joshua Hill (Yale University/Melbourne University Boat Club/VIC)
Patrick Long (Princeton University/University of Queensland Boat Club/QLD)
Alexander McClean (Yale University/Mosman Rowing Club/NSW)
Darcy McCluskey (University of Washington/KAND Rowing Club/QLD)
Cox: Harry Keenan (Yale University/Sydney Rowing Club/NSW)  

Coach: John Bowes (Rowing Australia)   


Under 19 Women 


U19 Women’s Double Scull (U19W2x)   

Talisa KnokeDriver (Sydney Rowing Club/NSW)
Zoe Bond (Canberra Grammar School/ACT/ACTAS)
Coach: Brendan Longman (Sydney Rowing Club, NSW)   


U19 Women’s Eight (U19W8+)   

Ellie McClure (Ballarat Clarendon College/Wendouree Ballarat Rowing Club/VIC)
Katie Jackson (Ballarat Clarendon College/Wendouree Ballarat Rowing Club/VIC)
Lucy Richardson (Ballarat Clarendon College/Ballarat City Rowing Club/VIC)
Chloe Amling (Strathcona Girls Grammar School/VIC)
Olive Pascoe (Caulfield Grammar School/VIC)
Victoria Trentin (Melbourne Girls’ College/Mercantile Rowing Club/VIC)
Tiffany Crosthwaite (Methodist Ladies’ College/VIC)
Charlotte Ball (Ruyton Girls School/VIC)
Cox: Jessica Rawolle (Loreto Toorak/VIC)  

Coach: Mitch Nelson (Melbourne University Boat Club, VIC)  


Under 19 Men 


U19 Men’s Quad Scull (U19M4x)   

Chad Willett (St Joseph’s Nudgee College/QLD)
Billy Osborne (Gippsland Grammar/Mercantile Rowing Club/VIC)
Lindsay Hamilton (Gippsland Grammar/Mercantile Rowing Club/VIC)
Jonah Nelson (St Joseph’s Nudgee College/QLD)  

Coach: Nick Bartlett (Gippsland Grammar Rowing Club, VIC)   


U19 Men’s Coxed Four (U19M4+)   

Joshua Wilson (St Augustines College/UTS Haberfield Rowing Club/NSW)
Joseph Lynch (St Augustines College/UTS Haberfield Rowing Club/NSW)
Oliver St Pierre (St Augustines College/UTS Haberfield Rowing Club/NSW)
Brandon Smith (St Augustines College/UTS Haberfield Rowing Club/NSW)
Cox: Ryder Taylor (St Augustines College/UTS Haberfield Rowing Club/NSW)  

Coach: Judith Ungemach (St Augustines College/UTS Haberfield Rowing Club/NSW)   


U19 Men’s Coxless Four (U19M4)   

Jake Nesbitt (St Peter’s College/SA)
Adam Holland (Scotch College Adelaide/Adelaide Rowing Club/SA)
Tom Saunders (Prince Alfred College/Adelaide University Boat Club/SA)
Josh Felderhof (Prince Alfred College/Adelaide University Boat Club/SA)  

Coach: Will Raven (Sydney University Boat Club/ St Peter’s College, SA)   


U19 Men’s Eight (U19M8+)   

Winston Hooper (Melbourne Grammar School/VIC)
Magnus Randall (Melbourne Grammar School/VIC)
Lachlan Idle (Wesley College/Melbourne University Boat Club/VIC)
Nicholas Bryant (Wesley College/Melbourne University Boat Club/VIC)
Tom Foley (St Patrick’s College/Mercantile Rowing Club/VIC)
Matthew Porter (Melbourne Grammar School/VIC)
James Houghton (Melbourne Grammar School/VIC)
James Hart (St Kevin’s College/VIC)
Cox: Josh Feferkranz (Wesley College/VIC)  

Coach: Tom Abramowski (Melbourne Grammar School, VIC)