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Umpires’ Commission

Umpires play a vital part in Australian rowing, providing safe and controlled environments that are enjoyed by athletes and spectators alike.

The General Areas of Responsibility of the Umpires’ Commission are:

• To support the RA Vision “To be the number one rowing nation in the world and Australia’s leading Olympic Sport”
• To promote umpiring throughout Australia;
• To standardise umpiring and to maintain and improve the quality of umpiring in general, in particular at RA National Championships and at other national events; and
• To monitor the qualifications and quality of RA umpires.

Objectives and Activities

The objectives and activities of the RA Umpires’ Commission are:

• To maintain and develop selection criteria for juries at RA Events;
• To supervise the work of the juries at National Rowing Championships;
• To coordinate Australian umpires’ nominations to FISA and international juries;
• To conduct umpires’ seminars using the most modern educational techniques and methods;
• To conduct examinations for RA umpires licences;
• To attend jury meetings at RA regattas.


The Rowing Australia Umpires’ Commission is represented by the following:

Greg Smith (Chair)
Phil Fraser
Caroline Schomberg
Brett Ralph
Grant Ford
David Grubits
Geoff Northam
Nick Hunter (ex-officio)

To contact the Umpires’ Commission, please email [email protected], using the subject line ‘Umpires’ Commission’.