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Update to RA Member Protection Policy, October ’15

Rowing Australia today announced an update to its Member Protection Policy. This update is active from today (9 October 2015) and the updated policy can be viewed here.

As the Member Protection Policy is a ‘Whole of Sport Policy’ under the definition provided by the RA Constitution, it has been adopted by RA and each of its Member Association will also be required to adopt the policy (or its own consistent version).

The main updates to the policy are:

  • A Revised and expanded Dictionary of Terms which is now inserted in the policy,rather than relying on an external link;
  • Extensive amendments to the Position Statements to more accurately reflect current terminology;
  • Greater clarification, streamlining and simplification of the Complaint Handling Procedure
  • Amendment to Part C (employment screening requirements) to reflect mandatory requirements in Tasmania; and
  • Clarification that appeals should be submitted to the jurisdiction that heard the original complaint.