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Rachael Kininmonth


Rachael Kininmonth at age 26 was inspired to row for her country in September 1993, at the announcement of Sydney hosting the games for the XXVII Olympiad in 2000. She started as a novice at Thames Rowing Club in London, moved back to Melbourne and realised her dream of representing Australia for three consecutive years in the Women’s 8+: 1998 World Championships in Cologne, Germany, 1999 World Championship St Catherine’s, Canada and 2000 Olympics in Sydney. She is McVilly Pearce pin number 459.
Rachael then retired and over the next four years had four children with husband and fellow rower Brad Kininmonth.
Rachael started her career in sports administration and event management at the Amy Gillett Foundation and spent 10 years in the cycling world. She moved to Brisbane in 2015 and is the Executive Officer of the Brisbane Schoolgirls’ Rowing Association (BSRA), Board member at UQBC, Committee member on the Queensland RowUnion event, and involved in many rowing initiatives to engage rowers and the rowing community in a range of competitive experiences to add variety to the sport at the grass roots level endeavouring to grow numbers.
Rachael has found her tribe in the rowing community and is honoured by this opportunity to work on the Rowing Australia Board with such distinguished company in a very exciting time for the progress of the Brisbane bid for 2032.