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High-Performance Domestic Pathway

A major review of Rowing Australia’s high performance and pathway program was conducted following the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. This review included an extensive consultation process across various stakeholder groups, a detailed analysis of past performances and a scoping of international best practices. As a result of the review, RA’s long-term high-performance plan ‘CampaignNumberOne’ was developed and introduced a transformational change to the high-performance model to provide Australian rowers with the best opportunity for success. One such change was the development of bespoke state-based pathway programs, working with schools, clubs and states to enhance the development of young athletes.

These programs have a clear goal of developing young athletes capable of transitioning into the national training centres and assisting RA achieve its aim of being the ‘number one rowing nation in the world’. In addition, these programs capitalise and expand on the prior work of the High Performance Development Program with a broader focus that includes traditional pathway development incorporating talent identification, a greater focus on National Team retention and outcomes, and the US-Based Australian Program.

A key focus for the Pathway is to support athletes’ off-water ambitions and appropriately manage their life-load which includes areas such as study, training, relationships etc. with the long-term view of retaining athletes in our sport for many Olympic cycles. With that in mind, the RA Pathway Team has developed Planning for Success for prospective national team members; a document that sets out and highlights the requirements and expectations of representation and helps them better understand and manage their own circumstances and commitments.

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Planning For Success

We have provided the following fact sheets as summary documents for easy reference,
Isabella Scammell

A Journey of Rowing, Resilience, and the Pursuit of Justice

In the vast expanses of Central Western NSW, a story of determination and dreams unfolds—a tale that finds its heart in Cowra and its spirit on the glistening waters of Sydney. This is the story of Isabella "Bella" Scammell, whose journey from the countryside to the competitive world of rowing is nothing short of inspirational.


Bradley Graham

A Journey of Resilience and Triumph in Australian Rowing

In the world of sports, where tales of triumph and perseverance abound, the story of Bradley Graham, a young Australian rower, stands as a beacon of inspiration. Born on October 25, 2002, in the scenic environs of far North Queensland, Townsville, Bradley's journey is not just about athletic prowess but about overcoming obstacles, relentless determination, and a passion for rowing that led him from the tranquil waters of Townsville to the competitive arenas of Sydney and beyond. 
  • ACT
  • NSW
  • QLD
  • SA
  • TAS
  • VIC
  • WA

Australia Capital Territory Academy of Sport

The RACT/ACTAS Performance Pathway’s Program (PPP)” is designed specifically to progress athletes along their high-performance rowing journey. The program has supported athletes of all levels from TID and School aged athletes to World Champions and Olympic Medallists in both Able Bodied and Para Rowing.

The program provides elite technical and biomechanical coaching from the High- Performance Head Coach, Dave Fraumano. Dave holds a Masters Degree in Sports Coaching and has run national champion and world renowned School and club programs. Dave has also completed coaching duties with the National Training Centre and Australian Rowing Team.

Additionally, the ACT Academy of Sport provides servicing to TID, Training Agreement and Scholarship athletes in the form of testing and training programs, and Nutrition, Sports Science, Sports Psychology and Strength and Conditioning advice at our world class gym situated at the Australian Institute of Sport.

TID activities are conducted by the RACT/ACTAS Performance Pathways Program, with athletes being identified from both the ACT general public, rural communities and ACT rowing community. Interested young boys and girls are welcome to contact the Rowing ACT/ACTAS personnel for advice on testing and trialling."

Head Coach: David Fraumano
Mobile: 0412 652 986

New South Wales Institute of Sport

The NSW Pathway Program has a clear goal of identifying and developing talented athletes and supporting them through the development pathway to achieve podium potential, with the ultimate goal being Olympic or Paralympic gold. Critical to the depth and success of the NSW Pathway Program is the engagement of all rowing stakeholders including clubs and schools.

The NSW Pathway Program is led by the NSW Institute of Sport and Rowing NSW and managed in partnership with three high-performance clubs that consistently deliver significant national outcomes:

  • Sydney Rowing Club

  • Sydney University Boat Club

  • UTS Haberfield Rowing Club

Further information on the NSW Pathway Program can be obtained from:

High-Performance Manager: Vicki Linton

Rowing NSW State Development Officer: Elliot Shackcloth-Bertinetti

Queensland Academy of Sport

Queensland Academy of Sport and Rowing Queensland joined with Queensland clubs and schools to run the rowing pathway in Queensland.

The aim of the Queensland pathway system is to be a major contributor to the Underage National Team, by supporting and developing athletes onto National Underage Teams to compete at U23 World Championships, U21 Trans-Tasman regatta, U19 World Championships and World University Games. Targeted athletes and coaches within the pathway system are provided with elite training facilities, and science, health and technical support both on and off the water. As athletes progress through the QLD Pathway, they will be sufficiently prepared to be ready to transition to a National Training Centre.

The Queensland Pathway program also aims to provide different access points to rowing through both rowing and non-rowing schools, clubs and Talent Identification.

The Queensland Pathway program has several people leading and supporting it.

Queensland HP Manager: Andrew Service
Head Rowing Coach: Ben Southwell
QAS S&C Coach: Tim Mosby
Queensland Academy of Sport Head Coach: Ben Southwell
QAS Sports Psychologist: Jonah Oliver
QAS Physiotherapist: Ivan Hooper
Liz Hepple: QAS Personal Excellence
QAS Doctor: Jeff Conn


South Australia Sports Institute

The SA State Pathway Program has the clear goal of identifying and developing talented athletes and supporting them through a clear development pathway to achieve selection to Australian Rowing Underage Teams, with the ultimate goal of becoming Olympic or Paralympic Champions.

The SA program is a collaboration lead by The South Australian Sports Institute Rowing Program between Rowing SA and the SA rowing clubs and schools that encompasses a range of competitive opportunities, programs and initiatives to support emerging and existing talented rowers, and to identify raw talent from non-rowing backgrounds.

For more information head to our website 

Contact Information

SASI Rowing  Talent Pathway Coordinator: Christine MacLaren

SASI Rowing Head Coach: Nick Mitchell 

Tasmania Institute of Sport

The new Pathway program is designed to provide opportunities for talented Tasmanian athletes to develop along the sport pathway with the aim of progressing to the International level.

Delivered in partnership between the TIS, RT and RA, the program will see sufficient coaching and Development Officer resources spread across the state to manage talent identification activities and deliver athlete development services.

The program will provide identified athletes with access to high-performance services appropriate to their level as well as access to equipment and competition support.

The program is designed to operate out of three primary locations utilising the TIS’ New Town Bay Rowing Centre facility in the south of Tasmania and both the North Esk and Tamar Rowing clubs in the north of the state. Athletes in the northwest will be serviced by the Northern-based coach, out of Mersey and Ulverstone Rowing Clubs. Off-water training facilities will be provided by the TIS in Hobart and Launceston and contracted providers in the northwest.

TIS Head Coach:  Brett Crow 
TIS Performance Coordinator and Norther Coach: Brendan Long   

Victorian Institue of Sport

The Victorian Pathway Program is operated collaboratively through the Victorian Institute of Sport, Rowing Victoria and two Melbourne-based clubs, Mercantile Rowing Club and Melbourne University Boat Club. This partnership delivers the Victorian development pathway and provides support to athletes at the lower levels in the RA performance pathway. The Victorian Pathway Program aims to provide world class coaching opportunities, training and competition facilities and support services to improve athlete development throughout the national high performance pathway.

Head Coach: Noel Donaldson
M: 0417 115 364
State Pathway Coordinator: Delwyn Oliver
Mobile: 0447 373 456

Western Australia Institue of Sport

The WAIS Rowing Program operates a daily training environment (DTE) for male and female rowers along with managing the talent pathway for rowing in WA.  Key components of the talent pathway include identifying and managing school age athletes who demonstrate rowing talent and developing the capability and capacity and of our rowing HP club network.

The focus of the DTE in the WAIS Rowing Program is based on developing athletes with the capability to represent Australia at benchmark events – as defined by Australia’s Winning Edge (AWE), both now and in the future. Scholarships are offered based on these assessments, with program athletes given support through access to; coaching, sport science services, sport medicine and personal excellence.  This support is structured through a dedicated WAIS Performance Enhancement Team (PET), with all members of the PET working together to collaboratively enhance performance of WAIS program athletes.

The WAIS Rowing Program is partnered through a strategic alignment with Rowing Australia and Rowing Western Australia.

Head Coach: Jamie Hewlett
Pathway Coach Rowing: Tom Gatti
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