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Community Rowing

Rowing is a great community sport, driven by committed club administrators and coaches and providing safe, fun and rewarding experiences for all of its participants. Rowing is a sport for life, accessible to people of all ages, genders, fitness and skill levels.  It is currently enjoyed by over 60,000 participants and 25,000 active members ranging from young rowers at school, through to those at universities and in the wider community, up to those enjoying masters rowing.

Getting involved in rowing is easy and rewarding and with over 185 schools and 156 clubs offering rowing programs. Australian rowers are able to enjoy the benefit of a vibrant and inclusive community experience. Rowing caters for all individuals; from those who are simply looking for fun, fitness and recreation in a friendly environment to those who are interested in becoming the best rower they can be.

Rowing is an excellent way for anyone to stay active and to experience the health benefits of physical activity in an enjoyable and social environment. Rowing also provides participants with valuable life skills and fosters an environment which reflects rowing’s traditional values of teamwork, focus discipline and determination within a club culture that is friendly and welcoming.