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Rowing is a great community sport; driven by committed club administrators and coaches and provides safe, fun and rewarding experiences for all of its participants. Rowing is a sport for life, accessible to people of all ages, genders, fitness and skill levels.  It is currently enjoyed by over 60,000 participants and 25,000 active members in 185 schools and 156 clubs throughout the country.

Rowing Australia (RA) is committed to the enhancement of the sport of rowing throughout Australia. Working in cooperation with the state rowing associations, RA facilitates a national approach to the development and advancement of the sport through education, club development, harnessing technology to support rowing activities and the ongoing development of rowing infrastructure.

A number of programs and resources have been created to ensure that the sport of rowing can continue to grow at the community level.  All the useful information can be found below.

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Club Administration

Rowing Australia, in conjunction with its Member State and Territory Associations, is committed to working with community and grassroots rowing clubs to develop the capacity of individuals, groups and communities to deliver a vibrant, enjoyable and successful club environment. Sport Australia provides some useful information on the administration, management, policies, and organisation of volunteer associations which should be embraced by all rowing clubs. 

Additional information on a number of issues essential to the development and management of clubs is available through the following link:

  • Umpires Commission
  • Boat Race Officials
  • Objects and Activities
  • Members

Umpires Commission

Umpires play a vital part in Australian rowing, providing safe and controlled environments that are enjoyed by athletes and spectators alike.

The General Areas of Responsibility of the Umpires’ Commission are:

  • To support the RA Vision “To be the number one rowing nation in the world and Australia’s leading Olympic Sport”
  • To promote umpiring throughout Australia;
  • To standardise umpiring and to maintain and improve the quality of umpiring in general, in particular at RA National Championships and at other national events; and
  • To monitor the qualifications and quality of RA umpires.

Boat Race Officials

For information on how to become a Boat Race Official, please contact your state association.

Level 1 | Officiating Course is available below 

Level 2 | Official Accreditation is managed by the State Associations.

Level 3 | Rowing Australia manages Level 3 (Rowing Australia) Umpires in consultation with state associations.

Nominations to become a qualified World Rowing Umpire are managed by the Rowing Australia Umpires Commission below.

Objects and Activities

The objectives and activities of the RA Umpires’ Commission are:

  • To maintain and develop selection criteria for juries at RA Events;
  • To supervise the work of the juries at National Rowing Championships;
  • To coordinate Australian umpires’ nominations to FISA and international juries;
  • To conduct umpires’ seminars using the most modern educational techniques and methods;
  • To conduct examinations for RA umpire's licences;
  • To attend jury meetings at RA regattas.


The Rowing Australia Umpires’ Commission is represented by the following:

  • Grant Ford (Chair)
  • Phil Fraser
  • Caroline Schomberg
  • Brett Ralph
  • Grant Ford
  • David Grubits
  • Geoff Northam
  •  Nick Hunter (ex-officio)

Contact the Umpires Commission

To contact the Umpires Commission, please use the form below and the team will be in touch shortly.