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Inspiring Journeys of Change

The Women's NTC Embarks on a Mission of Empowerment and Support 


In the heart of Penrith at the Hancock Prospecting Women's National Training Centre (NTC), a remarkable event unfolded that not only showcased athletic determination but also a profound commitment to driving social change. Club Day at the NTC became a beacon of inspiration, as athletes donned their club jerseys with pride, not just to celebrate their sports achievements but to honour the coaches, clubs, and communities that have been pillars of support throughout their journeys. 

The day was imbued with a spirit of gratitude and compassion, extending beyond the realms of sports and into the heart of the community. This year, the athletes, along with their coaches and performance staff, dedicated their efforts to support The Girls Refuge, a beacon of hope striving for a future where all women and girls can live lives that are safe, stable, and fulfilling. The collaboration with The Girls Refuge highlighted a commitment to leveraging the platform of sports for the greater good, embodying the true spirit of teamwork and community support. 

Cindi Petersen, CEO of The Girls Refuge, addressed the gathering, shedding light on the transformative work her team undertakes to change lives. It was a moment of realisation for many, as the narratives of courage and resilience resonated with the athletes, reinforcing the idea that their pursuit of excellence could transcend the sports field and contribute to meaningful social change. 

In a symbolic gesture of solidarity and support, co-captain Lucy Stephan presented a cheque for $3,220 to The Girls Refuge, the culmination of fundraising efforts that underscored the community's dedication to making a difference. This act of generosity was not just about the financial contribution but represented a larger commitment to advocacy and support for vulnerable communities. 

The impact of this collaboration went beyond the immediate financial aid. It ignited a sense of purpose and empowerment among the athletes, who were reminded of the power of collective action and the role they can play in fostering positive change. The journey to national selection trials and the dream of reaching Paris were imbued with a deeper meaning, as athletes recognised their potential to be agents of change, both on and off the field. 

The Club Day at the Women's NTC in Penrith became more than just a celebration of athletic prowess; it was a testament to the strength of community, the importance of giving back, and the transformative power of sports as a platform for social change. It was a reminder that behind every athlete lies a story of determination, support, and the relentless pursuit of not just personal but communal success. The partnership with The Girls Refuge is a shining example of how sports can be a catalyst for positive change, inspiring athletes and communities alike to strive for a better, more inclusive future.