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Supporting the Australian rowers of today and tomorrow

The Rowing Australia Foundation is the national fundraising body for Rowing Australia and the Australian Rowing Team. Our purpose is to raise funds that not only enhances the experience of the Australian Rowing Team but also provides opportunities for aspiring rowers to pursue their passion.

The Rowing Australia Foundation is dedicated to championing the sport nationwide, fuelling the dreams of athletes, and securing a bright future for rowing in Australia. By supporting us, you're not just donating; you're investing in the heart of our sport, ensuring that Rowing Australia and our athletes have the resources we need to succeed. Together, we'll build a legacy of excellence that inspires generations. Join us and be part of the journey!

Securing the Future of Australian Rowing

The Rowing Australia Foundation is our compass towards sustained excellence in the sport we love. By investing today, you're securing a legacy of success for tomorrow's rowers. Your contribution fuels innovation, fosters talent development, and ensures our sport's growth across Australia. Together, let's propel our rowing community forward, building a solid foundation for generations to come. Join us in shaping the future of Australian rowing!

Hear from our athletes

Whenever I'm on the start live, I never think about it as 'it's just me' in the boat, it's also my coach, family, friends - all the people who made it possible to be there. That's why support is so important internationally because at the end of the day, you're all a team and those are the people who are with you during the race and during the most challenging parts of a campaign.
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Tara RigneyOlympian, World Bronze Medallist
Everyday life as a person with a disability has financial, social and physical challenges and as a para-athlete, these physical challenges are compounded daily, Some of the biggest challenges we face to be successful Australian para-rowers include acquiring modified equipment, transporting this equipment, getting greater assistance with training and adapting to our own style of rowing. Your donation will assist in providing Australian para-athletes with the equipment, resources and specialised coaching we require to be the best athletes we can be. Please donate and be a part of our journey to represent our country and win gold on the world stage.
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Nikki AyresParalympian, World Gold Medallist

The Challenge Faced by Our Rowers

Life as a full-time athlete is costly, particularly with the rising costs of living.

Our incredible athletes train 2-3x per day, 6x days per week, 50 weeks of the year – all for the green and gold!

The costs associated with the sport of rowing are significant, with the equipment alone, such as boats, oars, rowing machine, bikes for cross training, and specialised equipment for our para rowers, adding up to thousands of dollars. In addition, there are club membership fees, regatta entry fees, and travel expenses. Adequate nutrition to fuel our athletes and top-quality technical gear also adds to the overall cost. 

However, the physical and mental benefits of the sport is worth the investment to the 60,000 active flat-water rowers in Australia, and many more who engage in Indoor Rowing activities.