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Our Goals

Securing the future of Australian Rowing

The Rowing Australia Foundation is our compass towards sustained excellence in the sport we love. By investing today, you're securing a legacy of success for tomorrow's rowers. Your contribution fuels innovation, fosters talent development, and ensures our sport's growth across Australia. Together, let's propel our rowing community forward, building a solid foundation for generations to come. Join us in shaping the future of Australian rowing!

Boosting the Australian Rowing Team to new speeds

Ready to power the Australian Rowing Team to victory? Your support can make all the difference. By backing our team today, you're investing in their training, equipment, and coaches, ensuring they have everything they need to reach the podium. Let's unite behind our athletes, supporting their journey to gold and proudly representing Australia on the world stage. Donate now and be part of their winning legacy!

Championing Lightweight Rowing

Let's keep lightweight rowing alive and thriving! With the category's removal from the Olympic program, our lightweight rowers face new challenges. Your support can make all the difference in providing opportunities for these dedicated athletes to continue pursuing their passion. Together, we can ensure that lightweight rowing remains a vibrant part of the sport, empowering athletes to compete internationally. Join us in preserving the legacy of lightweight rowing and supporting these remarkable athletes on their journey to success!

Empowering the Next Generation

Fuel the future of Australian rowing by supporting the Next Generation today! Your contribution provides crucial resources for young athletes to train, compete, and excel in this demanding sport. With your help, we're shaping tomorrow's champions, instilling values of discipline, teamwork, and perseverance. Join us in empowering the next wave of Australian rowers as they embark on their journey towards the 2032 Brisbane Games. Together, we'll propel them to greatness!