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Celebrating Mike Angus

The Heart of Australian Rowing's Volunteer Spirit


In the world of Australian rowing, volunteers like Mike Angus are the unsung heroes who keep our regattas continuously moving like clockwork. Recognised as the 2023 Volunteer of the Year at the Hancock Prospecting Rower of the Year Awards, Mike's dedication and tireless efforts have shone brightly, embodying the spirit of commitment and community that underpins the success of rowing in Australia. 

Mike Angus's journey in the rowing community spans over a decade, marked by his unparalleled dedication as a volunteer. His role has been pivotal, serving as one of the country's most reliable and skilled boat drivers for Rowing NSW at school, club, and national levels, including both flat water and coastal rowing. Known for his early starts and late finishes, Mike's positive attitude and ever-present smile have made him a beloved figure on the water. 

His contributions extend beyond just piloting boats. Mike has been instrumental in mentoring new and upcoming Boat Race Officials (BROs), sharing his vast knowledge and experience to nurture the next generation of rowing volunteers. Residing in Newcastle, he has never hesitated to travel to Sydney or any other location where his help is needed, often at his own expense, to ensure the smooth operation of regattas. 

Mike's volunteering portfolio is impressive, having been a regular fixture at major events such as the National and Interstate Championships, the Australian Masters Rowing Championships, and the Australian Coastal Rowing and Beach Sprint Championships. His commitment to ensuring the safety and success of these events speaks volumes of his passion for rowing. 

As the rowing community gears up for the 2024 Australian Rowing Championships, there's a call to action for more individuals to follow in Mike's footsteps. With roles still open for Spectator Services & Boat Part Assistants, the opportunity to contribute to this vibrant community and make a difference is open to all. Volunteering at such events not only supports the athletes and the sport but also fosters a sense of camaraderie and belonging among participants.  

 Mike Angus's story is a testament to the impact one individual can have on the broader community. His dedication has not only contributed to the success of rowing events across Australia but has also set a high standard for volunteerism in the sport. As we celebrate Mike's achievements and contributions, let's also step forward to volunteer, ensuring the continued success and spirit of the Australian Rowing Championships. 

In a sport that thrives on the collective efforts of its community, Mike Angus stands as a beacon of volunteerism, dedication, and passion. His legacy is a powerful reminder of the difference volunteers can make, inspiring others to contribute their time and energy to the sport they love. Join us in applauding Mike Angus, the 2023 Volunteer of the Year, and consider becoming a part of the vibrant volunteer team at the Australian Rowing Championships. Together, we can continue to build on the foundations laid by remarkable individuals like Mike, driving the sport of rowing to new heights in Australia.