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Georgia Beattie


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Georgia Beattie is CEO of Bulla Park, Australia’s largest organic mushroom farm.

She is a modern farmer embracing the use of technology to achieve fast growth, she specialises as a turnaround CEO in agriculture, manufacturing and FMCG businesses. She began her career in the startup space Founding wine packaging business Lupé Wines in 2010. The company created innovative IP to manufacture a single serve glass of wine and raised venture capital to expand quickly into events, hotel minibars and airlines across Australia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong. The company was acquired in 2016.

Ms Beattie spent a period in the tech industry as CEO of’s new venture Spacely as well as CEO of Startup Victoria before moving into agriculture. She has now fulfilled long time aspiration to get into farming as CEO of Australia’s largest organic mushroom farm Bulla Park.

Ms Beattie also contributes a significant amount of pro bono time on boards; Second Bite, Law Squared and the Australian Federal Government Accelerating Commercialisation Programme.