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Rowing AustraliaApr 2, 2024 11:16:07 AM1 min read

2024 AIS Accelerate Program ANNOUNCED

Rowing Australia athletes Amber Halliday and Georgina Gotch have been selected for inclusion in the 2024 AIS Accelerate Program. This selection underscores the critical emphasis Rowing Australia places on facilitating the transition of elite female athletes into significant roles within the sporting sector following their retirement. 
The program, orchestrated by the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), aims to capitalise on the rich experiences and achievements of retiring female athletes, including those who have competed in the Olympics, Paralympics, and World Championships, to enhance the Australian sports industry.
The AIS Accelerate Program, now in its fourth iteration, has announced a cohort of 15 elite female athletes representing a broad spectrum of sports disciplines. The inclusion of Halliday and Gotch in this distinguished group highlights the caliber of talent and commitment within Australian rowing.
This year's participants collectively bring a formidable record of achievement, with experience spanning 12 Olympic Games, 16 Commonwealth Games and 24 World Championships.
Supported by the Office for Women, the AIS Accelerate Program provides an educational and professional development framework designed specifically for retired or retiring female athletes aiming to transition to careers within the sports industry.
Beyond its role as an educational platform, the program cultivates a supportive network and community amongst women in sports, offering invaluable connections and opportunities for its participants.
The importance of the AIS Accelerate Program in the context of the Australian sports ecosystem is significant, with Rowing Australia's CEO Sarah Cook among its notable alumni.
The program is essential in ensuring that the considerable knowledge, leadership abilities, and experience of our female athletes continue to contribute to the sporting community beyond their athletic careers.
Rowing Australia is committed to the continuous development of our athletes, both in their competitive pursuits and in their career aspirations beyond sport, affirming our dedication to the advancement and success of rowing on all levels.
For further details about the program and to gain insights from past and current participants, please visit the AIS website.