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Rowing AustraliaMay 10, 2024 5:09:25 PM1 min read

2024 Australian Masters Rowing Championship Interstate Racing: A Comprehensive Wrap-Up

The Australian Masters Rowing Championship showcased top-tier performances in a series of interstate races this morning at Lake Barrington. Selected athletes gathered to compete and represent their states on the national stage.  

In a gripping final, the Men's PR3 Single Scull saw Tasmania's Michael Taylor, clinching victory in a time of 4:05.01. Despite trailing in the initial 500m, Taylor surged ahead to finish first, overtaking New South Wales' Kevin Wall who led at the halfway mark but finished with a time of 4:07.97, just 2.96 seconds behind. The Women's PR3 Single Scull was won by ACT’s Sue Donoghoe, crossing the line with a time of 5:02.93. 

Tasmania demonstrated outstanding coordination and speed in the Men's IS Masters D 4x, with the team of Michael Wilson, Mark Bonham, Patrick Bird, and Deon Birtwistle, winning in 3:07.99. New South Wales and Victoria secured the second and third places, respectively, with close finishes of 3:10.08 and 3:10.67, indicating a fiercely competitive field. 

In the Women's IS Masters D 4x, Victoria emerged victorious with a team composed of Sarah Sekfy, Helen Pearce, Tanja Nishibata, and Bea Klein-van Mullekom. They completed the race in 3:29.28, narrowly defeating Queensland by 2.05 seconds, who finished in second place at 3:31.33. 

The Men's IS Masters D 8+ was a showcase of strength and teamwork, with South Australia's crew, and others, taking the lead and maintaining it to win in 2:57.61. New South Wales followed closely, finishing in 3:00.41, showing a tight competition among the top teams. 

South Australia also claimed the top spot in the Women's IS Masters D 8+, with a strong performance from their team. They clocked a time of 3:23.53, outpacing New South Wales, who finished in 3:26.81. The race was competitive, with the teams giving their all to try and clinch the top positions. 

The Australian Masters Rowing Championship Interstate Regatta displayed the spirit of competition and camaraderie among the Masters athletes from various states. Each race was a testament to the athletes' dedication and hard training, contributing to a memorable championship filled with close races and commendable performances.