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Rowing AustraliaMar 15, 2024 11:45:28 AM1 min read

Remembering Rosemary Richardson: A Pillar of Australian Rowing

It is with profound sadness that Rowing Australia shares news of the passing of Rosemary Richardson on March 8, 2024.  

Rosemary was a formidable force in the rowing community and has left an indelible mark on the sport, most notably as the orchestrator of the first World Sculling Cup on the Yarra River in 1993. Rosemary was a visionary whose love for rowing was sparked in her early years by her father, Ron March, a passionate rower and coach.  

Despite never rowing competitively herself, Rosemary's life was intertwined with the sport. From a tender age, she was a constant presence by her father's side, absorbing the nuances of rowing and the spirit of competition. 

Her impact was most palpable in 1993, when she brought the World Sculling Cup to Melbourne, a feat previously unimaginable. This event, which spanned five days and was broadcast on television, revitalised rowing in the region and underscored the sport's appeal.  

Beyond this achievement, Rosemary's influence permeated various aspects of the rowing world. She played a pivotal role in rejuvenating the Henley of Yarra regatta in 1982 and transformed it into a cornerstone of Melbourne's sporting calendar, eventually paving the way for the World Sculling Cup. 

Her journey took her from watching her father's coaching sessions on the Yarra River to the global stage, attending regattas and championships worldwide. Rosemary's dedication to rowing was not just about the events but the community she built and nurtured. Her efforts in organising social functions for the rowing community showcased her belief in the sport's power to connect. 

Rowing Australia extends its deepest condolences to Rosemary's family and friends.