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Rowing AustraliaMay 3, 2024 1:28:44 PM2 min read

Rowing Australia Announces Team for 2024 Under 23 USA Selection Trials

Rowing Australia has unveiled the list of athletes selected to compete in the upcoming Under 23 USA Selection Trials. The trials, set to take place from June 16-20, will be hosted in Princeton and are a crucial step for rowers and coxswains aiming to represent Australia at the Under 23 World Rowing Championships held in Canada later this year.  

The list features athletes currently studying and training within the US College system as well as athletes from Australia who didn't attend the Under 23 Trials that were held at the Sydney International Regatta Centre back in March, but have now been invited to the USA Selections. These athletes will be trialling for seats in the both the Men’s and Women’s Coxed Eight events. The selected athletes will join their fellow Under 23 representatives in Canada to compete on the international stage.  

The trials will serve as a platform for these athletes to perform under international competition conditions. The outcome of the trials will also shape the future for Rowing Australia as they continue to foster talent for the next Olympic cycle and beyond.  

Under 23 Men’s Eight: 

Edward Nutt (Sydney University Boat Club / Princeton University), Henry Furrer (Sydney Rowing Club / UC Berkeley), Benjamin Scott (Fremantle Rowing Club / Harvard), Billy Osborne (Mercantile Rowing Club / University of Washington), Harry Manton (Melbourne University Boat Club / UC Berkeley), Alexander Baroni (Western Australia Rowing Club / UC Berkeley), Lachlan Roach (UTS Rowing Club / Harvard University), James Frederikson (Sydney Rowing Club / Dartmouth), Jeremy Beale (Adelaide University Boat Club / UC Berkeley), Rory Menzies (Sydney Rowing Club / UC Berkeley), Adam Holland (Adelaide Rowing Club), Drew Weightman (University of Queensland Boat Club) 

Under 23 Women’s Eight: 

Sophie Barr (SASI Adelaide University Boat Club / Harvard), Star Rose Miller (Sydney Rowing Club / UC Berkeley), Katherine Easton (Melbourne University Boat Club / University of Michigan), Aaliah Dawson (Melbourne University Boat Club / University of Miami), Rosie Turnbull (Kand Rowing Club / University of Massachusetts), Zara Collisson (Sydney University Boat Club / University of Michigan), Lucy Searle (Sydney Rowing Club / The University of Texas), Sophie Ward (Melbourne University Boat Club / UC Berkeley), Chloe Cooper (Melbourne University Boat Club / The University of Texas), Sarah Abrams (Sydney Rowing Club / University of Tennessee), Harriet Wallace (Australian National University Boat Club / University of Texas), Sarah Marriott (Melbourne University Boat Club) 


Summer Kellett (Mercantile Rowing Club / Brown University), Mehreen Khan (Sydney University Boat Club / The University of Pennsylvania), James Smith (Sydney Rowing Club / Boston University), Jonothan Cooke (KAND Rowing Club) 

2024 USA Selection Trials List