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Governance and Structure


In 2007 Rowing Australia completed a governance review which resulted in the establishment of a suitable governance framework, including the conversion of the organisation into a Company Limited by Guarantee.

In March 2013, as part of the implementation of its Australia’s Winning Edge program, the Australian Sports Commission (now known as Sport Australia and the Australian Institute of Sport respectively) adopted an enhanced focus on the governance of sporting organisations, headlined by the release of a set of Mandatory Governance Principles with which the leading sports, including rowing, were required to comply.

In response to this announcement the RA Board, with the assistance of the ASC, engaged well-credentialed and experienced consultants to conduct a whole of sport governance development project to ensure that the governance arrangements of RA and its Member Associations were compliant with the Mandatory Governance Principles and continued to provide the underpinning framework from which Australian rowing can grow and achieve sustainable success. This governance development project built on the sound governance platform that RA had put in place following its earlier 2007 governance review.

The governance development project featured extensive consultation and considered the governance arrangements of RA and each of its Member Associations. An updated RA Constitution to achieve full compliance with the Mandatory Governance Principles was unanimously passed at the 2013 Annual General Meeting.

RA’s Member Associations have also each accepted the recommendations of the governance development project and, through updating their own Constitutions, have adopted the relevant required governance changes to comply with both Sport Australia’s requirements and good governance principles.

The successful implementation of the governance development project has ensured that rowing’s governance, at all levels, is aligned to best practice principles and will provide the platform for the continued growth and success of Australian rowing.

A copy of the current RA Constitution is available below.


RA Constitution – 30 March 2021


The Board is responsible for setting the strategic direction of Rowing Australia and for having oversight of its activities.

The Council is comprised of an appointed representative of each of RA’s Member Associations and is responsible for electing the Board and contributing to both the development and achievement of the sport’s strategic plan.

The Staff of RA, led by the CEO, are responsible for the day to day management and operation of RA in achieving the strategic direction set by the Board.